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Should My Realtor Told Me this House was Haunted ????? What made that Noise???

Should My Realtor Told Me this House was Haunted ?????  What made that Noise???

In the spring I posted a blog about haunting and crimes and should a Realtor have disclosed these facts to buyers and their agents. It was my second posting and to be in the holiday spirit I wanted to re release it and add to it and do some further research.  In doing so I found some case on line that might have reversed what I had said originally. Concerned about being in correct or misunderstanding something I did some further research and learned some interesting things,   If a person had passed away, or there was a crime committed in a home  a Realtor is not obligated to disclose this as these are not material defects to a property. 

However if a home has been publicized,
or is in public knowledge of such a stigma of being haunted or a famous crime occurred in the home, then an agent needs to disclose it.  , Say for instance you get a list the home Jeffery Domer lived in or home like the Amityville Horror, then it should be disclosed, because it was know to the public.

There have been homes in the New York area where sales have been reversed, not because they were haunted, but because they were stigmatized in the public's eyes in print or television of being so and the seller should of disclosed it”.

As realtors, due to laws we adhere to such Federal housing Laws which prohibits saying which are good or bad neighborhoods,  and other rules which prevent us for commenting on crimes or haunting in the home, or good or bad schools.

For instance if it said that house had some one die or there has been a crime or suicide we can not mention it. The reason we are not able to say even if we know such facts are true is because none of those factors have any bearing on the soundness  of  the structure and or value of the house in question and do not contribute to material defects.  Of course it is still a concern to buyers understandably.
Here is my advice if you are purchasing a home. There is this new thing called Google, have you heard of it and its amazing for finding out all sorts of things?!  Put the address of the home you are considering of purchasing, and scroll past the many web sites that will show it listed, and see anything of haunting or crimes committed there. If the search is inundated by for sale results, you can ask Google a question like is  333 Hubbabuba drive , bannaville  NY haunted or crime committed.

If this does not yield any results and you are still concerned about paranormal activity you can contact local historical societies and depending on the age of the home they may have some accounts, or you can check these sites and put the address in : and

In the NY area there are many old homes dating back to the revolution if not even older back to the Dutch who originally colonized the area. It is a forgone conclusion  . There are also stories, and rumors of buildings being haunted.  As realtors as I mentioned, we can not comment on any of this as it does not take away from the soundness of the house, unless as mentioned it is in the public domain as being known as such. If is it known throughout the neighborhood that kids run from or do cars drive by just to photo it because of its known as a haunted house.

So you may ask, so Bill have you ever experienced any supernatural occurrences and do you believe in ghost and spirits? Well the answer is yes to both questions. I  not say how many of my fellow realtors and I have shared stories of strange feelings of energy or strange goings ons that were unexplained. I had 3 such experiences.

The Preview……
The first occurrence was the when  previewing a home for clients. I had found out that the agents parent had died and the house was an estate. I did not ask or want to know if they had passed in the home. So I went in to look at the home to see if it would work for my clients. I looked through the main level, bedrooms, baths  and kitchen which was dated but in nice shape. Then I went downstairs to check the full basement for water or anything else. As I was walking through I heard a door slam and became startled. I was concerned because the house was vacant and feared not of ghosts but a squatter, or thief, or some one who may be up to no good.
I clutched my large mag light flashlight, gripping it like a club, I said hello is anyone here, hello, I am a realtor… I went through the entire basement cautiously opened every door and found nothing. In the rooms where there were windows they were shut so no draft slammed the mystery door, and could find no sign of anyone in the dwelling.   Feeling a bit uneasy I left and luckily this home was priced to high my clients never had in interest after all. Was there a spirit there angry I was there slamming the door as s sign to say get out? I guess you will have to decide!

The showing….

Another time I  was showing a home to a client. for some reason I was picking up a negative energy or just a feeling for some reason. I did not know why but thought it was just my imagination. When we went down to the finished basement my client turned to me and said she was getting a bad feeling like something bad happened here. I confessed and told her I felt the same but thought it was just me and I didn’t want to mention it based on a feeling. We felt a coldness in the basement. Obviously the client was not interested in this home. Years later in chatting w another realtor, I had found out there was a murder suicide in that home. Again did we experience something? You decide.

 Another preview
Another time I was previewing a home and received a phone call from someone and realized it might be a long call, so I sat on a dinning room chair and took the call. I happen to look at a door way saw the head of a little boy. I screamed and person on the other line was concerned what was happening. When I told them they are in shock.   I would say the face was about a 8 to 10 years old. It was only there for a few seconds and it did scare me at first. But afterwards I got a warm peaceful feeling  after I saw the apparition.  I know what I saw, but you decide.

 below is a useful felony map, and school stats, and haunted homes registries  :

Felony search in your area:

School reports:

haunted homes registry’s

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